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Are The Seahawks Back On Track?

The Seattle Seahawks were the favorites to win the super bowl when the future odds first opened and remained that way for a couple weeks into the season. However, they have since dropped to the third best odds in the NFL (8/1) after taking three losses.

Third is probably a generous spot for them, with the odds likely bolstered by their large fan base putting big money on them, but as a 5-3 teams do they really deserve those odds.

Teams with better records than them like the Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions sit well behind them in the odds and on most people’s lists of the best teams in the NFL.

The Seahawks problems like with the lines. Both the offensive line has not done a good job at protecting Russell Wilson, who hasn’t even had time to get the footwork he is famous for working.

On the other side of the line, the Seahawks are stopping the run but are not getting any pressure on opposing quarterbacks, meaning that pass-heavy teams have been able to take advantage of Seattle’s defense.

The Seahawks won last week 30-24, but it was not a very convincing win considering who they squared off against, the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders have a 0-8 record and came within one possession of getting their first win of the season against the Seahawks.

It is not time to panic in Seattle just yet. They are 5-3 and are currently in sixth place in the NFC. However, being nervous about the prospect of needing to go in a panic is very real if Seattle does not figure out their problems really quick.

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