Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl Odds

The Atlanta Falcons are the only NFC South team to even get a shot at the Super Bowl.  They had an amazing season with 13 wins and three losses.  They toppled the traditional NFC South Champions, the New Orleans Saints, off their throne.  No other team in the NFC South even came close to touching the Falcons.

With the season now over the Falcons have to turn their attention toward the playoffs.  No more division squabbles with rival teams, now they have to win in an atmosphere where every game is going to be a big one.

The Falcons are currently ranked fourth as the team most likely to win the Super Bowl based on Bovada’s odds.  They have 7/1 chance to win.  They have slightly better odds at making an appearance in the big game, though.  Bovada has the Falcons versus the Denver Broncos as 7/1 odds as being the combination of teams that makes it to the Super Bowl.  The Broncos taking on the San Francisco 49ers is the combination most likely to occur with 13/2 odds.

The Falcons, unlike sports betters, will be disregarding the odds and plan on winning the Super Bowl.  The biggest road block for the Falcons on the road to the Super Bowl could crush their Super Bowl dreams.If I am a Falcon player I am hoping that the Washington Redskins somehow eliminate the Seattle Seahawks.  The Sehawks are a team that no one wants to face.  The only thing that kept the Seahawks from taking the NFC West division and skipping Wild Card Weekend all together was a rare 49ers games ending in a tie.  Unlike some of the other wild card teams their win/loss record matches those who have gotten the luxury of skipping the Wild Card games.

The Seahawks are built to beat a team like the Falcons.

The Falcons struggle stopping the run and the Seahawks are a running offense. The Seahawks have the thrid best running attack in the NFL.  The Seahawks average nearly five yards per carry.

The Falcons rely heavily on their passing to secure their victories.  Cornerbacks Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman can not only defend the pass but can step up to put pressure on the quarterback and stop the run.  The Seahawks are also ranked fourth in defense in the NFL.

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