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Baker Mayfield: If I’m Back, I Want Mike Back

Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield says he wants veteran WR Mike Evans to return to Tampa Bay with him next year. 

Despite crashing out of the Divisional Round to the Lions, Baker Mayfield ends the season encouraged by the Bucs project. 

Baker Mayfield finished Sunday’s defeat with 349 passing yards and three touchdowns. Evans, meanwhile, had eight catches for 147 yards and a touchdown. Mayfield says his 30-year-old teammate is nowhere near close to slowing down.


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“He’s a stud. I mean, the guy hasn’t regressed at all,” Mayfield said. 

“As much as everybody wants to talk about his age, I think he had one of his best years. He makes my life easy. He did all year, and he did it today over and over again. He’s one of those pieces that, yeah, to get everybody back, there has to be sacrifices made, and this team’s about winning. We have a group full of guys that they were all about that. It’s not about individual guys. It’s not about that. So, that’s what’s made it special. But yeah, if I’m back, I want Mike back. That guy’s a stud.”


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“I love this group, I said that all year, and it’s authentic,” Mayfield said. “I mean that. It would mean a lot for me to bring back a lot of key pieces to get this back together and to get it in Year 2 in the system. You can make huge strides. I would love that, obviously. Who knows how it’s going to play out, but can’t say enough about this organization for the opportunity they gave me this year. Just thankful and so hoping it works out.”

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