Big 12 considering changes to revenue-sharing system

    By Amber Lee

    Texas and Oklahoma appear destined to depart for the SEC. As they do, the Big 12 does not appear to be going down without a fight.

    Big 12 officials are reportedly considering restructuring the league’s revenue-sharing system, according to Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports. The group is proposing an increase of a half-share for each school. This bumps the annual payout to approximately $56 million per year. The other eight schools would have their shares decreased to cover the cost.

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    Big 12 schools currently make around $37 million per year from the conference’s media rights agreement. This includes bowl games and the NCAA tournament, per Dodd.

    The topic was discussed in a conference call after news broke of the proposed move by the Longhorns and Sooners to the SEC. Neither Texas nor Oklahoma were on the call, and the notion of increasing the two schools’ revenues was reportedly preliminary in nature.


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    Texas and Oklahoma’s grant of rights agreement with the Big 12 expires after the 2024-25 athletic season, though it’s unclear how long the schools would actually have to wait to become members of the SEC.

    Dodd reports that SEC schools currently make around $44 million per year from their media rights agreement. That number could increase to over $60 million if Texas and Oklahoma join the conference.