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Big Names Still on the Market

This offseason in the NFL saw some surprising developments as many teams allowed their veterans and leaders go in order to fill their seats with younger talent.  However, the offseason is not quite over yet.   There are a lot of big names still in the free agency that could be game changers if the right team picks them up.


Ahmad Bradshaw has been the cornerstone of the New York Giants run game for years.  In a league where it seems like having a workhorse running back is a thing of the past, Bradshaw managed to be very productive last season, rushing for over 1,000 yards on 221 carries.  He also averaged about five yards a play.  Bradshaw is consistent and a consistent back is a very desirable thing in the NFL.

The reason why he is having trouble finding a home is because no one is sure how healthy he is.  He is coming off multiple foot surgeries and even though he has since been medical cleared to play, a running backs feet are pretty important and no one has yet been willing to take the gamble that Bradshaw will continue to be as productive as he was pre-surgery.

Charles Woodson has worked very hard in his time with the Green Bay Packers to establish himself as one of the best defensive backs in the NFL.  Woodson has gone to eight Pro Bowls and has proven himself to be an extraordinary defensive leader.

However, Woodson will be turning 37 this year and their may not be too much gas left in that tank.  He has been playing with significantly less flash over the last couple of years.  Woodson age is what is keeping teams away.  Whoever does eventually pick him up, though, is likely to find he still has a few more years left in him and makes for an impeccable team leader in the locker room.


Brian Urlacher may be the most recognizable name in the free agency.  Despite his popularity, teams are very cautious of drafting Urlacher for one simple reason.  He is old and beaten up.

While wearing the Chicago Bears jersey, Urlacher has established himself as one of the toughest line backers in all the NFL.  He would like to play a couple more years in the NFL before he hangs up his jersey for good.  For his recognition and leadership alone a team will likely grant Urlacher his wish to play for a couple more years.  A team though will clearly not be investing in Urlacher for his talent as he is running out of steam as his career winds down.


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