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Bijan Robinson Being Primed To Emulate McCaffrey Role

RB Bijan Robinson will play a starring role on the Falcons next season, according to new head coach Raheem Morris.

Bijan Robinson certainly did enough on his rookie season to build upon. He ended 2023 with 976 yards rushing, four rushing TDs and four receiving TDs. As well as that, he caught the ball 58 times for 487 yards.

However, Bijan Robinson hit the ‘rookie wall’. He returns this summer for his first proper NFL preseason with replenished batteries. 


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“In the simplest form as you can make possibly make it, get the ball to Bijan as much as (we) can and as many ideal situations that you possibly can,” Raheem Morris said

“For him, he’s so talented that you don’t want to limit him in the things that he can do. But you also don’t want to water it down so much that he’s not doing anything that he can’t do great.

“When you get the ball in his hands, he makes people miss. He gets extra yards and he’s able to fight for extra yards, he breaks tackles, he’s fast, he’s explosive and he’s strong. He could do so many things that you can get overwhelmed sometimes maybe as a play-caller or as a designer. 

“For him, I think he really enjoys the whole process. I think he compared himself to that Christian McCaffrey role. If we can get anywhere near the great player Christian McCaffrey is, I think we will all be pretty excited.”


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“It’s like day and night,” Robinson said 

“Last year, it was a full year, a full two years of going, going, going or having something to do. But with this year, getting to have some time to just relax and let my mind and just my heart just rest for a bit has been awesome.”

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