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Rhamondre Stevenson ‘One Of The Better Backs In The League’

Rhamondre Stevenson says he’s been studying tape of Cleveland’s Nick Chubb as he vies for an extension with the Patriots. 

The New England Running back has proven his worth, although he won’t be in line for a huge pay day.

Rhamondre Stevenson has amassed 2,265 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns in his first 3 NFL seasons. As well as that, he has 121 receptions for 782 yards and one receiving score since 2021.


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“Yeah, well honestly, I watch all running backs. The small ones, the bigger backs like myself. So, I take a little bit of everyone’s game to be honest,” Rhamondre Stevenson said

“Just seeing how the runs are hitting – outside zone – they’re a heavy outside zone team in Cleveland, which we are bringing in over here now. So, just getting familiar with how it looks and how it’s supposed to be ran and the patience on it. Yeah, Nick Chubb did a great job at it so that’s a great person to watch.”

Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo recently confirmed Stevenson’s status as a starter for the team. 


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“You know, we’ll see. I’ll say this about Rhamondre,” Mayo said. 

“I think he’s one of the better backs in the league, it’s no doubt about it. I think over the last few years, it’s been kind of tough on him, as far as getting started. So, I’m excited to see what he does this season. And look, he’s earned everything that he gets. He is our starting running back and hopefully we do get something done.”

“It makes me feel good,” Stevenson said.

“Just knowing I got my head coach behind me and all my teammates behind me, and it’s something that I agree with. It’s something that I’ve been working so hard for, so to see it come to fruition is great.”

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