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Bo Nix Impressing Broncos With Patience, Efficiency

Rookie Denver Broncos quarterback Bo Nix says he’s excited to replicate the greats who’ve worn the Broncos jersey.

Although, Bo Nix doesn’t exactly have a lot of recent greatness to live up to. The Denver Broncos have produced seven losing seasons in a row, their longest run since 1972.

Bo Nix is charged with helping Denver make the postseason for the first time since their 2015 Super Bowl win. According to head coach Sean Payton, he’s already demonstrating mature decision-making.


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“Can’t believe I get to wear a Broncos jersey and go out there and do what so many greats have done before me,” Nix said

“I don’t take that lightly and I’m not gonna take it for granted. Obviously, pressure gives you opportunities, so the more pressure and responsibility you have, just the more that you have to go out there and consistently earn it.”

The Broncos drafted Nix in large part because they thought he was more ‘game-ready’ than other draftees. What they’ve seen of him so far does nothing to disprove that view.

“Location of throws. He had two or three down-the-field throws today,” Payton said.

“It’s almost like watching a good golfer. Sometimes when you watch his game over two years, there’s a patience to how he plays. The ball comes out and — I don’t want to use the term boring, that’s not the right term — but pretty good decisions with each play. The efficiency with how he’s operating. All of that.”


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“No, it’s been exactly what we saw,” he said when asked if he’s been surprised by anything with the new QB. “The only thing I can think about that was a little bit of a surprise is when we went to work him out privately and stood around him, he was bigger than I expected. But nothing in the last two days. He’s doing well.”

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