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Bryce Young Praises ‘Dedicated’ Panthers Owner

Alabama quarterback Bryce Young doesn’t think his relatively small stature will stop him performing in the NFL.

Bryce Young is heavily projected to be the No.1 pick in next week’s NFL Draft. At 5-foot-10 and 204 pounds, questions will be asked about his ability to be a franchise player.

“I have enough experience getting asked the question,” Bryce Young said. “I’m used to it. I know who I am, I know what I can do. 


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“It’s not something that’s new for me at all. I’ve been this size, relative to everyone around me, for as long as I’ve been playing football and I don’t know any other way. So, I get it, I understand. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions and it’s OK. I don’t have any issue of being asked or talking about it, but I know what I’m capable of.”

The Carolina Panthers hold the number one pick while the Houston Texans hold the number two pick. Incidentally, they are the only two teams Young has formally met with ahead of the draft. He had kind words for the Panthers organization, who have hosted four quarterback prospects in preparation.

“It was a lot of getting to know each other,” Young said. “I really do appreciate the dedication to everything. With Mr. Tepper, him being so involved, that just shows how much he cares about the team and you can tell that that radiates through the entire coaching staff. They’re extremely invested in everything. I’ve been able to talk to them and they have a very clear plan of what they want for the future and what they’ve been building, and they’ve been doing that for a while now.”


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“Just being able to sit with him and everyone else that was a part of the dinner, it was just a great opportunity for me and a great experience. Even personally, I learned a lot from just hearing from their philosophies on and off the field. So it was a great experience for me.”

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