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Bryce Young To Be The ‘Core’ Of Dave Canales’ Panthers

New Carolina Panthers head coach Dave Canales plans to build the entire offense around struggling quarterback Bryce Young.

The 2023 No.1 pick led the Panthers towards ranking last in offense during a 2-15 campaign. Bryce Young finished the season with a 59.8 completion rate and 2,877 passing yards.

He was intercepted 10 times and had just 11 touchdowns. As well as that, he was sacked 62 times, the second-most in the NFL.

Luckily, Canales has a track record of helping quarterbacks to rebound from poor form.


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As the Seahawks quarterbacks coach, he helped Geno Smith rise to prominence in 2022. Last season, he got Baker Mayfield back on track as Tampa Bay’s offensive coordinator.

When it comes to Young, Canales doesn’t think a huge overhaul is needed.

“No plan to fix Bryce Young,” Canales said. 

“I think for me, it’s about building an offense that we can be proud of, something that is tough, something that is smart, that takes care of the football, number one. We’ve got to create more explosives, and then of course, we have to minimize damage with exotic pressures and things like that.

“So I think just elevating the whole group and really asking Bryce to just do his part.

“I really respect Bryce and the road that has taken him to here, and I want to be able to present something to him that’s tangible, that’s specific and says ‘Hey, here’s some things that we can really dive into and improve on, and here’s things that you’re doing great,'” Canales said. “So we’ll have a great plan when he comes back to us in a couple weeks.”


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“We’re not talking about a guy that there’s a big fix for, really,” Canales said. “You’re looking at an accurate player, a really smart player, he’s aware of what’s happening, and we’ve got to build the whole thing around him, the whole offense around him, of something we can really say, ‘This is our identity and our core.'”

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