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Cam Jurgens Not Comparing Himself To Retired Kelce

Cam Jurgens has been groomed to take over from Jason Kelce and the time has come for the Eagles center.

Jason Kelce announced his retirement when the Eagles season officially ended. He leaves a six-time All-Pro and a candidate for the Hall of Fame.

Cam Jurgens was drafted by Philadelphia in 2022 and was the backup for Kelce in his rookie year. Last season, he played alongside Kelce eleven times at right guard.

Jurgens isn’t putting pressure on himself to be Jason Kelce, despite the fact he’s now using his old locker.


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“It does feel a little weird — Kelce’s gone, and they moved my locker over to his,” said Cam Jurgens. 

“Obviously, that’s a little weird and I ended up in the wrong locker a couple of times. I’m like ‘Oh, man. This isn’t mine anymore.’ So, it’s getting used to things and it’s fun getting back here and into the groove of things.

“At the end of the day just be myself you know,” Jurgens said. “I’m not trying to be somebody’s replacement or somebody’s next person. I’m just trying to be myself. Can I be the best football player that I can be in whatever position they put me in? That’s what I’m going to do. I’m not worried about anything else besides what I can control. I think that’s all I got to worry about at the end of the day. When you start putting in those perspectives and those terms, people like to compare and then it’s just different things on your shoulders that you need to carry.”


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“I think it’s very valuable,” Jurgens said of his experience so far. 

“I learned so much playing behind him my first year. Then this last year, I played guard beside him, and you know every single day there’s something to learn. It was just fun being in that room and being in that environment and learning something every day.

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