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Cam Newton: I Haven’t Been Meeting My Standards

New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton has been the center of some of the biggest NFL stories of late.

Brought in to replace the legendary Tom Brady, Cam Newton was always going to be under scrutiny. As well as that, he’s been involved with a Covid-19 outbreak, having contracted the virus in Week 5.

Rebuilding a dynasty is no easy task for Cam Newton and coach Bill Belichick, particularly in pandemic conditions. Despite this, the noise coming out of New England was largely positive prior to the start of the season.

It is likely that whatever happens, Newton will not get credit for his Patriots stint. Replacing Tom Brady is an impossible job. Nonetheless, he admits that he has not lived up to his personal standards, either.


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“I just haven’t been good,” Newton told ESPN’s Mike Reiss. 

“I haven’t matched enough good plays together for my liking. That’s what it comes down to. When I mean ‘good plays,’ I mean right reads, I mean ball positioning, I mean making guys miss. The whole gamut of how I play.

“I know what I’m capable of. My standard is extremely high and I haven’t been meeting it. My personal standard. That’s how I feel.”

Newton started the season well, but has tailed off in recent weeks. During New England’s loss to Denver, he threw 17 of 25 for 157 yards. As well as that, was intercepted twice in the game.

17 of 28 passes for 162 yards, a touchdown and one interception were his similarly underwhelming stats in the win over the Raiders. 


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However, Newton knows the 2 – 3 Patriots have enough quality to perform better.

“Our excuse basket is running real low,” Newton said.

“We’ve got enough to compete with anybody. And I mean anybody.”

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