Cameron Jordan

Cameron Jordan Urges Saints Defense To ‘Take Over Every Game’

New Orleans defensive end Cameron Jordan says the Saints have the potential to go to the Super Bowl next season.

The Saints can feel more assured now they’re no longer scrambling around for a Drew Brees replacement. The retirement of Tom Brady means the most dominant team in the NFC South has yet to be established.

With Derek Carr under center, New Orleans have the opportunity to win the division.


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“I expect a Super Bowl,” Cameron Jordan said. “I expect to take Derek Carr, DC4, back to Vegas where he just left and have a return run at the Super Bowl.”

“Nobody has ever walked into a season (and) been like, ‘Ooh, I hope we win 10 games,'” he added. 

“No, I’m trying to win each and every game that we play. My expectation is being 21-0, 22-0, whatever it takes to get to a Super Bowl. I want to beat each and every team we line across.”


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“Every tackle, who I’m never gonna know their names, but like every dud that’s out there, we’re trying to beat the breaks off of them. I’m trying to get to each and every quarterback. The reality is, we have potential. The mentality is, we want to as a defense take over each and every game. And there’s no allowance to be like, ‘Hey, I think we could be a 12-5 team.’ I think we can win each and every one of these things.”

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