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T.J Edwards: Justin Fields Is ‘Definitely The Guy’

T.J Edwards was at Philly last year to witness Jalen Hurts’ remarkable, NFC-Championship-winning, third year rise to prominence. 

Now, T.J Edwards finds himself at the Chicago Bears in time for Justin Fields’ third NFL year. The linebacker sees similarities between Hurts and Fields in terms of mentality.

Fields rushed for 1,143 yards in 2022, but was sacked a league-high 55 times. His passing statistics of 2,242 yards, 17 touchdowns and 11 interceptions could also be improved.


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If Fields can turn it around anything like Hurts did, expect the Bears to improve on their 3-14 2022 record.

“One thing with Jalen (Hurts) was he was always just kind of calm and collected,” Edwards said.

“That’s why we looked to him so much, just because he was always that calming factor. You do see similarities with (Justin) Fields. He doesn’t seem to get rattled out there in terms of when we’re mixing up looks on him and stuff like that.”


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“Dude’s got such a strong arm, and he’s been very accurate just about this entire OTAs and minicamp,” Edwards said.

“It’s exciting to see, especially since he doesn’t really add in the leg factor when we’re just in helmets and things like that. So, I’m really excited to play with a guy like that, a guy who can make all the plays who can also lead this team. He’s definitely the guy. It’s exciting to be around, no doubt.”

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