Chris Davis One of Top Free Agents This Season

When Major League Baseball general managers search for an upgrade to their offense and look at Baltimore’s Chris Davis, they see a left-handed, imposing power hitter with the ability to hit home runs and strikeout, and not also in that particular order.

It is not surprising that Scott Boras the agent for Davis focuses more on his strong point than the player’s shortcomings. Boras sees Davis as versatile and the top position player available in the free agent market.

Boras said Davis is at the top because of ability to play the outfield or first base and he can be a great DH.

Boras added that team’s do not have the opportunity to grab a player like Davis all that often. He is 29 and has hit over 40 homes and already has hit 50 one season.

He compared Davis to home run hitters like Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez and Prince Fielder. He says those type players do not come around often and when they do, they make a huge impact on the free agent market just like Davis will.

Boras is making this claim about Davis in a year of free agents with strong bats.

Justin Upton is a three time All-Star, is available and just 28. Jason Heyward is 26, has a great glove, and has improved tremendously at the plate. Yoenis Cespedes is high on the list of power hitters even though he could not lead the Mets to the World Series title.

The glowing reviews by Boras of Davis are trumped by how brash he is with his sales pitch calling him the best first baseman in free agency available as well as the best outfielder.

A look at his profile shows Davis has little history in the outfield. He has started at first base 597 times, as DH 93 times, at third base 83 times and in the outfield 68 times.

His comfort level is best in right field where he made 29 starts for the Orioles this past season, but his experience is minimal.

One scout however agrees with Boras, saying Davis could sit in the outfield for a season or two on a team until a first base slot comes open.

His bat however is what does the talking for Davis. Since the beginning of the 2012 season, Davis is the major league leader in home runs with 159. He is seventh amongst MLB regulars in slugging percentage at .533.

However, he leads the majors by a landslide in strikeouts, the last four seasons at 749. In 2015, he averaged .268 against lefties and hit 10 home runs.

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