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Christie Thinks Trump Opposes Sports Betting

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is a friend of President Donald Trump. But he doesn’t think that will help him in his efforts to get legalized sports betting in New Jersey. Now in his second term, Christie can do things he couldn’t in his first term. But without the chance to run again, he can do things like host radio shows. That’s what he did Monday as co-host of the Boomer & Carton Show.

Gov. Christie mentioned what he thought was hypocrisy on the part of the federal government regarding recreational marijuana and sports betting. Marijuana is illegal under federal law. But states have been making recreational use legal.

“They pick and choose,” Christie said. “The Obama administration said it was okay to legalize recreational marijuana even though marijuana is still illegal on federal level. But the Obama administration said ‘no’ on gambling.”

Christie was asked how Trump’s administration viewed the two.

“I think they’re against both,” he said. That’s why you go to the Supreme Court, to try to get them to trump the executive branch. No pun intended.”

Trump is a former casino owner and is believed to be in favor of gaming interests. But Gov. Christie’s admission leaves that a bit open.

Whether the Supreme Court even hears New Jersey’s appeal is in doubt. That’s after the Solicitor General wrote that he did not think the Supreme Court should hear the appeal. But Christie still seems to think he has a chance. Whether he’s right or not remains to be seen. Although the majority of people still believe it’s a little bit of a long shot.

At some point in time, sports betting will be legalized in the United states. But if it happens under Trump’s watch is something that doesn’t seem as sure as it did when he was first elected.

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