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Dan Marino’s Childhood Home For Rent In Pittsburgh

Image via Zimbio Image via Zimbio

Attention Dan Marino superfans! If you’ve been looking for a creepy way to get closer to the Hall of Fame quarterback, well it seems that today is you’re lucky day.

A Pittsburgh native who attended the University of Pittsburgh, Marino spent his formative years in a modest home in the city’s South Oakland neighborhood.

South Oakland is also the childhood home of artist Andy Warhol, something the locals definitely want folks to be aware of.

Image via NFL Image via NFL

The home, which was featured in the NFL Play 60 commercial, “Where He Played,” is actually for rent and currently listed on Craigslist.

And apparently the owners aren’t above playing up the celebrity of its famous former occupant—the fact that its Marino’s childhood home is stated plainly right there in the headline.

Image via Craigslist Image via Craigslist

Even though they are playing up the Marino angle, the owner is playing his hand pretty close to the vest. Listed at $1,800 a month, there are no photos of the “newly renovated” interior to be found anywhere.

Honestly, in this day and age there’s really no excuse for not providing interior photos on a rental listing. But since that’s the case here, you’re just going to have to see the place for yourself. Though, what it lacks in photos, it makes up for in Dan Marino-ness.

If you do decide to go check the place out, please take some photos and tweet them to @blamberr. I’m nebby like that.

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