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DeAndre Hopkins ‘Glad’ To Rejoin Vrabel & Kelly

WR DeAndre Hopkins says the underdog factor was appealing in his choice to join the Tennessee Titans this offseason.

Both the Chiefs and the Bills were mooted as possible destinations when DeAndre Hopkins was released by the Cardinals. However, he worked under Titans coach Mike Vrabel and assistant Tim Kelly in Houston.

In the end, working under a staff he was familiar with made Hopkins’ mind up. 


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“I am very happy, very glad,” DeAndre Hopkins said. 

“This was a team that as soon as the offseason hit and I knew I was possibly going to be traded, this was a team that was on my list of places that I wanted to play because of the history Mike Vrabel and I have, the history Tim Kelly and I have.

“I wanted to be somewhere where I knew people had my best interests, not just on the field but off the field as well.

“I feel like I’ve always had something to prove, and that’s how I play my game,” Hopkins added.

“The decision to come to Nashville, obviously, made a lot of people mad. But I kind of felt at home being here from the get-go, from early on.

“Tennessee is a team not many people put on their list, and I think I am not just speaking for myself, but the team as well, people are writing us off.”


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“Besides wins, (the Titans) are getting someone who is going to push people around me, and make everybody else’s job a little easier,” Hopkins said. 

“(The Titans) are getting someone who is a hard worker, someone who is going to practice hard, play hard, and push everybody around me as well to elevate their game.

“They are getting somebody who doesn’t have an ego, someone who is coming in and bonding to the system.”

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