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Derek Jeter Announces He Will Retire After 2014 Season

20049246ze05k67.jpgOn Wednesday New York Yankees great Derek Jeter made official what most of us had seen coming for awhile now. Jeter announced his retirement after the 2014 season via a thoughtful and heartfelt statement posted to his Facebook page:

1094793_691146467603636_181281165_nThough it’s hard to imagine Major League Baseball sans Jeter, who has been playing in pinstripes since the first Clinton Administration, there’s no question it’s the right decision.

The timing of which will allow him to say a proper goodbye to the sport and allow the Yankee faithful to say a proper goodbye to him.

After going the first 17 years of his career nearly (and miraculously) injury free—Jeter played on average 151 games per season over that period of time—age and injury finally caught up to him in 2013.

Jeter missed the first several months of last season, recovering from a fractured ankle he sustained in the 2012 ALCS, which was re-injured during spring training. He fought hard to return to the field by August, but leg problems continued to plague him.

Jeter had just 61 at-bats in 17 games before calling it a year.

Despite his declining health and advancing age, nobody wants to see one of the sport’s most likable and beloved stars walk away. But at least Jeter is giving us all eight months to come to terms with his departure.

It’s not a gift basket stocked with assorted goodies and Jeet memorabilia, but it’ll do.

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