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DeSean Jackson feels good about himself

The Washington Redskins are not going to be a very good team in 2015, but they will enjoy some attention thanks to their star receiver, DeSean Jackson. Jackson, who was signed by the Redskins after the Eagles released him before the 2014 season, had plenty to say about how talented he is on Monday.

Jackson has been a prolific player throughout his eight-year career. To this point, Jackson has amassed 7,286 yards and 38 touchdowns on offense, along with another 1,294 yards and four scores on punt returns. All of this led to Jackson telling the media that he is unguardable, calling out a pair of elite corners, per John Keim of ESPN.com.

“I don’t think no one can guard me,” Jackson said. “It’s how I feel about myself. I don’t feel no one can stop me. You can get Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman — whoever you want to get.”

The former University of California star continued to speak about his role going into 2015, hoping to set a blazing pace for Washington this season.

“I always love to do more,” Jackson said. “Whatever opportunity I get to make a play, I’ll make the most of my skills. To score touchdowns, to have energy, to light my team up, to get everyone riled up, to continue to go on the field and play at a high level. I just try to set the tempo, playing at a high level, and everyone else can follow.”

On one hand, Jackson has to feel this way. Washington has been terrible for years and it needs a star player to step up and take the reins. Then again, Jackson reportedly missed offseason workouts to go to a Cleveland Cavaliers playoff game. That isn’t being a leader, that is contributing to losing. Could you imagine Russell Wilson doing that?

Whether it is the case or not, Jackson comes off as selfish. This is a player who has not been on the right side of a playoff game since his rookie season. He was released by Eagles head coach Chip Kelly without much thought, and signed with a team that is nothing short of a disaster over the past 15 years.

Jackson is 28 years old. The time has come to stop worrying so much about his own production and start thinking about how he can help his team win. While some of that is about producing on the field, there is plenty to be said for teaching the younger guys the ropes and how to play the right way.

The Redskins are probably going to muddle through another campaign. If they ever want to break the cycle, they need their best players to start changing the culture around the franchise. Jackson can be that guy, but will he be?

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