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Doug Pederson: Playoff Rematch Against L.A ‘Comes Down To Execution’

Jacksonville enters the playoffs in good form, but Jaguars coach Doug Pederson says they need to attack better on Saturday.

The Jacksonville Jaguars ended the regular season with its’ first five-game winning streak within the season since 2005.

However, the Week 18 win over the Tennessee Titans was a little lackluster with just 13 offensive points scored.

Doug Pederson says this needs to improve against upcoming opponents the Los Angeles Chargers, although he’s not fixating on the fact they played them already this year.


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“I think the offense needs to have a better game than the other night, quite frankly,” Doug Pederson said. 

“We didn’t do enough. We had opportunities, obviously missed some opportunities in the game that we can learn from, but sometimes that’s the way games go. Tight games like that, it’s going to come down to, it could be a defensive battle, or something of that nature. Special teams did a nice job, but I think overall, offensively, as a group, coaches included, need to do a little better.

“They’re different. We’re different,” Pederson said. “That was a long time ago. There’s some new faces on their side. There’s some new faces on our side. Schematically, probably both the same with us and with them. Again, we’ve talked about it a lot, you’re not going to trick anybody. It just comes down to execution, both sides, them and us.”


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“I think you go back and you watch it and you see, just from an X’s and O’s standpoint and personnel standpoint kind of how we attack them and how they attacked us, both sides of the ball and special teams,” Pederson said. Then you kind of look at the whole body of work since, and if there’s anything that’s changed and why it’s changed, and then you put your game plan together that way.”

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