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Early NCAA East Sweet 16 Preview

The East division are the only brackets in the NCAA that went exactly as I planned with the exception of me picking Illinois to get a couple of upsets and get into the Sweet 16.  Enough about my brackets, though, everyone else’s brackets are likely fine if you predicted that the number 1,2,3 and 4 seeds in the East would wind up in the Sweet 16.  In the West the two games that are going to decide who advances to the Elite 8 will be Indiana (1) versus Syracuse (4) and Marquette (3) versus Miami (2).  Both these games are going to be intense as their is a lot on the line for these four teams that have all ready had great seasons look to keep their March Madness going.

Indiana versus Syracuse (Thursday, March 28)

Indiana and Syracuse looked as though they may rampage through the NCAA Tournament as they both won by huge margins in the first round of 64.  However, both teams struggled to avoid upsets when 32 teams were left over the weekend, each winning their respective games by six points or less.

Indiana is looking to make its first Elite 8 appearance in over a decade.  They feel they are poised to do so coming into the tournament as a No. 1 seed.  Cody Zeller and Victor Oladipo will likely show up with bound and determined to win.  They should be playing the best basketball they have played all year and Syracuse’s defense will likely struggle to find a way to shut them down.  If they manage to shut them down Indiana also has an ace in the whole.  Will Sheehey is not a name people were mentioning a lot during the season, but in the post season he has been an important weapon in Indiana’s arsenal.   He has been 10-of-21 shooting from the floor with 25 points over the two tournament games.

Syracuse will need to rely on their excellent defense, like they have all year, to shut down Indiana’s potent offense.  That is the Oranges key to victory.

Indiana is the favorite to win this game with a -5.5 point spread.

Marquette Versus Miami

Marquette is not feeling good coming into this game after narrowly escaping a huge upset against Butler.  They won the game by only two points.  Miami on the other hand have won six straight games and have yet to be challenged.  Marquette’s close call is likely a sign of some major weaknesses with in the team this has led most to believe that Miami is simply the better team and will prevail.  However, Marquette could pull it together and still go onto the Elite 8, but despite these two teams being seeded right next to each other, Marquette beating Miami would be an upset in my book.

Miami is the favorite to win this one with a -6 point spread.

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