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Eric Bienemy: We’ve Got To Get Uncomfortable To Get Comfortable

Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera admits his players have struggled to adapt to Eric Bienemy at times this offseason.

Eric Bienemy brings a certain old school approach to his new role as assistant coach and offensive coordinator in Washington. Some younger players are not accustomed to his vocal nature and intensity.

Ron Rivera sees it as a good thing and believes it will be ‘enlightening’ once Bienemy’s methods take hold.


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“I had a number of guys come to me and I said, ‘Hey, just go talk to him,” said Rivera.

“I said, ‘Understand what he’s trying to get across to you.’ I think as they go and they talk and they listen to him, it’s been enlightening for a lot of these guys.

“It’s a whole different approach. Again, you’re getting a different kind of player from the players back in the past, especially in light of how things are coming out of college football. So a lot of these young guys, they do struggle with certain things and a lot of it … is from where they’ve been. 

“I mean, guys coming from certain programs are used to it. Guys coming from other programs aren’t as much. So, us as a coach, I kind of have to assimilate and get a feel for everybody. Eric has an approach and it’s the way he does things. It’s not going to change because he believes in it.”


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“Just like I stated when I first got here: We’ve all got to get uncomfortable to get comfortable,” said Eric Bienemy.

“There’s some new demands and expectations that I expect. I expect us to be the team that we’re supposed to be. It’s not gonna be easy, and everybody ain’t gonna like the process. But when it’s all said and done with, my job is to make sure that we’re doing it the right way.”

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