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Eric DeCosta: Quarterbacks ‘Are All Over The Place’ In NFL Draft

Baltimore Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta hasn’t spoken to quarterback Lamar Jackson since his trade request on March 2.

Eric DeCosta doesn’t seem overly nervous about the upcoming NFL Draft either. Although, he and director of player personnel Joe Horitz have identified four possible quarterback targets.

“The fact is that we think that you can get a quarterback in the first round, or the third round or the fourth round who have a chance to develop. Go back to Tyrod Taylor, when we drafted him in the fifth round or sixth round,” said Eric DeCosta.

“You saw what the Niners did last year with Brock Purdy. Obviously, the G.O.A.T., Tom Brady was a sixth-round pick. They’re all over the place in the draft. You have to have good scouts, you have to have conviction and in some cases you’ve got to get lucky, too.”


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“I’d say, obviously, it’s pretty strong up top,” Hortiz said. “Those four guys that are being listed in the mocks as going high, they’re all talented and good in their own right. If you break them down, Bryce (Young) is extremely accurate, cerebral, intelligent, winner. They’re all winners, actually, every one of them, which is what you love. 

And then, (Anthony) Richardson’s got just raw, physical talent, strong arm, athletic, big, physical, tough. Probably the least experienced of the four of them, but has a chance to really blossom and develop.”


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“Will (Levis) is, again, a physical, strong guy with an elite arm and has gone through two different offenses the past two years. So, he’s adjusted to players changing around him. His whole offensive line was revamped. And then C.J. (Stroud), he’s just matured and grown and gotten better and better. Played his best game his last game of his career, I thought. Really accurate. Has a great feel for the field and showed off his athleticism, certainly in that Georgia game.”

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