Free agent Dez Bryant vents about media, unemployment status

By Amber Lee
Dez Bryant, Cowboys

Dez Bryant is an emotional guy and has oftentimes been misunderstood throughout the course of his NFL career. The former Dallas Cowboys star continues to look for work. As he does this, he’s being hit with some pretty big questions by fans of his on Twitter.

And based on his responses, Dez Bryant isn’t a happy guy when it comes to how the media is covering him these days.

In response to a fan wondering if he regrets turning down the three-year deal with $21 million offered by the Baltimore Ravens, Bryant responded by saying the media is “betraying” him.


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Responding to a fan who asked if he was retiring, Bryant lashed out by saying “this media is a joke.”

Bryant is once again in the news this fine Tuesday because his old Cowboys teammate Jason Witten told ESPN’s Adam Schefter he believes the receiver will end up signing with the Green Bay Packers.

Unfortunately, based on a report, the Packers have no interest in signing Bryant.

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