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Garrett Wilson On Jets’ Season: ‘Football Hasn’t Been This Hard’

New York wide receiver Garrett Wilson says the Jets can’t rely on Aaron Rodgers to improve their offense next season. 

A potential Jets Super Bowl run was ended in Week 1 with Rodgers’ season-ending injury. After a final day victory over the Patriots on Sunday, they reflect on a 7 -10 season.

The Jets finished the season 31st in yards per game, which was good enough for third in the AFC East.


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Garrett Wilson says they have work to do next season, even with the anticipated return of Aaron Rodgers.

“What happened this season can’t happen again. … It’s got to be better,” Garrett Wilson said.

“We’ve got to make adjustments in the game. We’ve got to do things to counter what we’re getting and be able to put points on the board because honestly, in the two years I’ve been here, it’s been tough. It’s been tough going. Football hasn’t been this hard as far as offense. I watch it on the sideline and it doesn’t look that hard for the other team.

“We’ve got to figure something out to get it rolling, no matter who’s slinging it. I know Aaron will be an offense in itself because that’s just what he brings to the table. … He’s special, man. I pray that everyone in the world gets to see that next year. But, yeah, what happened this year can’t happen again.”


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“If you have a down year or a bad year, there’s going to be people calling to move on, and especially when you’re 40 years old,” said Rodgers. 

“So I’m going to go out there and play as well as I can, and obviously if I have the season I know I’m capable of having, and we have the success I know we’re capable of having, then all that stuff takes care of itself.”

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