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Giants Win Third World Series in Five Years

Wednesday night, the new World Series champions were crowned. The San Francisco Giants beat the Royals in an exciting Game 7, 3-2. World Series MVP without a doubt went to pitcher Madison Bumgarner. Bumgarner pitched five straight no-hitter innings to secure the Giants win.

Giants were leading 2-0 in the second inning until the bottom of the second inning when the Royals were able to tie it up. Michael Morse helped the Giants break the tie in the fourth inning RBI, allowing Pablo Sandoval to score. Then, with the Giants in the lead 3-2 after five innings, and Madison Bumgarner was brought in as the third pitcher to pitch for the Giants to pitch the rest of the game as a relief pitcher. Bumgarner was able to keep the score at 3-2 into the ninth inning.

The Giants secured their title when third baseman Sandoval caught a pop foul ball by Salvador Perez. Alex Gordon was on third ready to score due to Gregor Blanco misplaying a two-out single. Relief at the sight of the ball landing in Sandoval’s glove and the Giants bench cleared to head to the mound in victory.

Bumgarner had allowed just one run in 35 innings. His World Series ERA dropped to .25.

Although the Royals lost, they still made baseball history. It had been 29 years since the Royals had made it to the World Series. The Royals swept to win their division and then forced a Game 7. Overall, the Royals finished 11-4 which is one of the best records in the playoffs and definitely consistent among teams who actually win the title.

The Royals made history again by finishing the post season with a better record than the Giants. Wait, what? That’s right – the Giants finished 12-5 (.706) while the Royals finished 11-4 (.733). This is the second time in baseball history that the victor did not have the better record after they won the World Series. There’s a lot of promise in the talent on the Royals – don’t be surprised if they battle back next season.

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