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Where to Go for the Best Online Live Betting Options

So your parlay just went straight-up pear-shaped when you hitched your wagon to Gonzaga over BYU. You’re not alone. But the night is young, and like Cypress Hill, you ain’t goin’ out like that. When you’re in a pinch and need to have some action after the games have started, you need to know where to go to get the best online live betting options.

What are Live Betting Options?

Basically, live betting (sometimes referred to as “in-game”) options offer unique betting lines – everything from straight up action (spreads, money lines, totals) to prop bets that’ll make your toenails curl – and they’re only possible after the game has started.

Each online sports book has a slightly different take, which is why we’ve got it all broken down for you here – the best online live betting options are listed below.


Bovada’s gamut of live betting options is no surprise to most bettors who know their reputation. Just click on Bovada’s Live Betting menu item from your smartphone or laptop to open up a separate window where you can bet on in-game action in pretty much every sport around the globe and smash more props than Gallagher at a pumpkin chuck. Just click on a sport, and choose the perfect in-game bet from any of the available games.

You gotta love their “Quick Bet” mode, which lets you add bets to your slip with a single click. Time is limited to get your live bets in, so this is a huge benefit.

With a ton of games and bets to choose from, along with just a fantastic user experience, Bovada offers robust options for new and experienced bettors alike.


TopBet streamlines the entire in-game betting process by throwing their entire user interface into the menu bar. Just click on Live Betting and it’ll drop down a list of available games. Click on the game you want and jump straight into the action!

What TopBet lacks in prop bets, they make up for in making it extremely quick and easy to get plays in. You get the option to play the spread, money-line, or total. Your Quick Bet Mode and Live Betting tracking are all right there and accessible in an all-in-one package.

It’s simple. It’s easy. I love it.


As their site says right up at the top, “Bet the game play-by-play as the action unfolds.” Make bets as the situation changes while you watch the game on TV. It doesn’t get any better or easier than that, to be honest.

Sign up for an account either on BookMaker or through their app and click the “Live Betting” tab. Choose your favorite sport and make your bet. Spread and totals are updated live, throughout the game, as well as prop bets galore.

There are a ton of live betting options to choose from, BookMaker has the market cornered in our opinion.

Be Real – You Will Use These Best Online Live Betting Options SOON

If you’re anything like me, watching the drama as the game unfolds in real time makes live betting my go-to. While sitting in one of my favorite places to watch the madness in Las Vegas – I don’t want to get out of my seat for a second!

With March Madness looming, less than two weeks away, where – let’s face it, your bracket could be done after the first half of the first day – having these sites available to you, bringing the best online betting options out there right to your mobile device is a huge tool for your sports betting tool-box.

Cuz I ain’t goin’ out like that.

By Chris Sharp, Certified 12-Time Veteran of Las Vegas March Madness and Sports Wagering

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