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Haason Reddick: ‘I’m Here Baby, I Can Do This Thing’

Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Haason Reddick has come of age just in time to play in the Super Bowl against Kansas.

NFL life did not get off to the brightest start for Haason Reddick after he was drafted by the Cardinals.

Since then, he’s played for three different teams in three years, landing in Philadelphia in 2022. In his last two seasons, Haason Reddick has recorded 23.5 sacks.

He’s playing in a sack-happy Eagles team, who have reached the Super Bowl with 78 sacks. That’s five short of the single season record by a defensive unit.


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“It’s very satisfying, man,” Reddick said. “It lets me know that the work that I’ve put in in staying along this path, that it wasn’t a waste of time. That it wasn’t for no reason. It showed that sticking through, I was doing the right thing. That I was doing what I was meant to do.

“Maybe last year is when it clicked,” Reddick said. “My first year with the Cardinals, I was just getting back into it, I was just getting my feet wet. Then I had last year with Carolina, that’s when I started feeling really good about my pass-rushing ability. Then this year, I just went crazy.

“Just so many great players, man,” Reddick said. “From the edges to the interior, even when our guys that come in when our starters come out, there’s no drop-off. We call it 1A and 1B. There’s no drop-off in production when our second group is in there.”


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“That I could do this thing, you know what I’m saying?” Reddick said when asked what he learned from his last three seasons, each spent with a different club. “I know during my career, a lot of people had questions if I could really do this thing, but like you said, three different teams in three different years, three seasons, back-to-back-to-back with double-digit sacks.


“I’m here, baby. I can do this thing.”

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