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Hamilton Strong Favorite in Formula 1

It isn’t often that you can say a favorite offers good value in futures wagering. In Lewis Hamilton’s case, you can probably make an exception. The Mercedes driver is +120 at Bovada and enters the season as the clear-cut favorite.

Hamilton was plagued by problems last year and still finished second to his now-retired teammate Nico Rosberg. When Hamilton had an equal car, he was clearly the fastest of the two, who were head-and-shoulders above the rest of the field.

His battles with Mercedes are legendary and he was in the news earlier today slamming them for sharing data with his teammate. Valtteri Bottas will be his new teammate in 2017. Hamilton doesn’t like the fact that Mercedes will share data, such as where he brakes for a particular turn, etc. His race in the season finale at Abu Dhabi was Hamilton at his finest. Leading the race, but needing Rosberg to finish fourth, Hamilton began to slow down to allow other cars to catch up to his teammate. When told by Mercedes to speed it up, he replied “I suggest you gentlemen let us drive,” over the radio.

Hamilton is a bit on the brash side, so people either love him or hate him, but you can’t deny his talent. The guy can flat out drive.

Hamilton was the champion in 2014 and 2015 and after losing his title to Rosberg last year could very well have a chip on his shoulder this season.

Bottas has talent and he’ll have a top-notch car, but he’s no Hamilton. At +120, he’s definitely worth a small wager and give you rooting interest all year long.

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