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How the Pending Percy Harvin Trade Affects both Minnesota and Seattle

All reports are indicating that Percy Harvin has successfully argued his way out of the Minnesota Vikings organization and into the Seattle Seahawks. If the trade goes through (it is only pending a physical and contract signing on Harvin’s part), it will dramatically shake up both franchise’s fortunes for the immediate future. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest changes that will come from the Harvin trade, and how they will affect your betting bottom line.

Why Seattle Needed Harvin

Before injury last season, Percy Harvin was one of the most dynamic offensive players in football, racking up 62 receptions for 677 yards despite playing less than half a season. He also had a kickoff return for a touchdown in that short time span as well as a rushing touchdown. He was clearly headed for a serious breakout campaign before injury, and, to top off his trade value, he is only 24 years old. He’s had trouble staying on the field, but when there, he’s one of the best playmakers in the game.

From a gambling perspective, this addition will immediately help Russell Wilson’s passing yardage and touchdown throws. Harvin is one of the best yards-after-the-catch wide receivers in the league, and Seattle loves to throw short to intermediary passing routes. The Seahawks have not been shy about getting creative, either, so expect Harvin to get some plays called for him in the return game as well as on the ground.

Seattle’s passing attack was competent, if not exactly, potent last season. Golden Tate and Sidney Rice are nice weapons, though inconsistent, and the team’s offense was largely predicated on running back Marshawn Lynch pounding the ball and Russell Wilson running the offense through read option looks. However, as the season progressed and Wilson became more confident under center, Pete Carroll opened up the playbook for his young QB, and they started scoring points in bunches. With the addition of Harvin, their offense is only to become more effective.

What the Vikings Get in Return

By all accounts, Harvin was a major headache in the Vikings locker room. This is doubtlessly the reason why they parted with him, but they are reportedly getting a good haul in return, including Seattle’s first round pick this season, a mid-rounder, and a seventh-round pick next season. It hurts to lose a player as dynamic as Harvin, but the Vikings can either stockpile more personnel with the extra picks or package them together to move up or down in the draft. In short, they’ll have a much greater flexibility in the upcoming draft than they had before the trade.

Of course, they will need to replace Harvin’s productivity. The Vikings had just about the worst core of wide receivers in football last season (Harvin led the team in receptions and yardage even at the end of the year, despite being out for the second half of the season). You can expect the purple and gold to vigorously pursue either the Packers’ Greg Jennings or the Steelers’ Mike Wallace in free agency. All told, this was a good trade for both teams, and both could potentially see boosts in their on-field productivity next season.

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