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Is Todd Gurley the Same Player He Was Last Year?

Todd Gurley is perhaps the most scrutinized NFL player who isn’t in disciplinary trouble.

Ever since a knee injury disrupted his postseason for the Rams last year, questions have abounded over Todd Gurley.

The star running back’s rehab has been extensively covered, and Todd Gurley has been eased back into action.

Perhaps the media search for conspiracies where there are none, but the NFL commentariat won’t leave the issue alone.

The question is, are the Rams being smart with his comeback, or is he simply not the same player he was before?


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Rams coach Sean McVay swears by the former, although his comments on the matter are interesting. After Gurley was placed on their injury report this week, McVay was keen to stress the Rams’ depth in the running back position.

According to McVay, Gurley is “day-to-day” with a left thigh contusion.

“I think we just want to take it a day at a time. A lot of these conversations entail how’s he feeling, what kind of progress does he make throughout the course of the week,” McVay added.

“But fortunately for us, we’ve got some depth at that position. We’ve talked about it, whether it’s this week at some point, the confidence we have in Malcolm (Brown), but then there’s also going to be a time we rely on Darrell Henderson, and it might end up being this week.”


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“We want to be smart with him,” McVay said. 

“I think he’s earned the right to be able to… Let’s get through this week and then let’s see and then we’ll be able to make a better decision. I’ll be able to better answer that question later on this week.”

The Rams face the Falcons in their next NFL game on Sunday.

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