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Jalen Ramsey Could be Kingmaker For One of These NFL Teams

Wantaway Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey would improve almost any NFL team in his position.

However, it’s not quite as simple as that. If it was, he would probably have joined another team by now.

Among those linked with Jalen Ramsey are the Chiefs, the Cowboys and the Eagles. Signing an elite cornerback in Jalen Ramsey could be invaluable for these Super Bowl contenders.

In spite of this, the financial element of any potential deal is enough to make any front office hesitate. Any team who signs him will likely have to make him the highest-paid cornerback in history. As well as that, Jalen Ramsey is demanding a contract extension, and wants it as part of any deal with a new team. 


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It’s hard to look past the Chiefs as the prime destination for him. He’s the same age as all of their best players. However, Kansas probably won’t make a big push for Ramsey.

They will likely be making Patrick Mahomes the highest-paid footballer ever as soon as they can in January. As a result, they can’t make irresponsible financial decisions. As well as that, Ramsey is worth at least two first-round picks, which they would have to forfeit.


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The Dallas Cowboys have had enough contract extension issues already in 2019. Given that signing Ramsey would mean giving up someone like Amari Cooper, it may ultimately be counterproductive. 

Then there’s the Eagles, but GM Howie Roseman’s renowned frugality would put a stop to any deal happening there.

There is also an additional risk associated with Ramsey that goes beyond money – his temperament. He is a talented, but emotional player. 

His shouting match with Jags coach Doug Marrone underlined this. He’s the kind of character who will either fit right in to a postseason big-hitter, or disrupt the locker room.

We will see what Ramsey’s temperament is like in tonight’s Thursday Night Football clash between the Jags and the Titans.

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