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Jamal Crawford: I’ll Be Ready For The Opportunity

For the first time since October 2000, the NBA season began without Jamal Crawford on a team.

At 39, Jamal Crawford is a bonafide NBA veteran. He knows the league, and what it takes to play. One thing he doesn’t know is why he hasn’t been able to find a new team yet.

This is especially bizarre considering the free agent scored 51 points for the Phoenix Suns in last season’s final game. The talents of Jamal Crawford remain fresh in the memory, yet there are no takers.

He certainly has no intentions to retire just now, and feels he is ready to play.

“I know I can play,” Crawford told NBA.com, “and I would think my reputation is still solid. It’s baffling to me.”


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While his age is cause for hesitation for teams, Crawford doesn’t believe that it is a hindrance for him.

“A lot of teams take a wait and see approach, not only for me, but vets in general,” Crawford said.

“I’m kind of an outlier because you don’t see anyone my age having games like that,” Crawford said. “And I did it off the bench. A year earlier, in my 18th year, I was still averaging double figures. I can bring a multitude of things. I’ll be ready for whatever team decides how I can fit into what they’re trying to do.”

“Physically, I feel better than I did last season,” he said.

“I’m able to get my body together. My skill set is sharp. I feel that I’m good. My mindset is be patient and hopefully something good comes about it. I’ll be ready for the opportunity.”


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At 39, there is still more that he can learn about basketball. One positive about his enforced absence, he says, is being able to see the game differently as an outsider.

“It’s weird watching games and being apart from it but seeing teams that could use you in certain situations,” he said. “You see where you could help different clubs in different ways.”

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