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Jameis Winston Backed by Tampa Bay Coach Bruce Arians

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians has come to the defence of quarterback Jameis Winston following their loss in London. 

For Arians, there is no better man to be the starting Bucs quarterback than Jameis Winston. This is in spite of some poor recent performances, which Arians thinks were anomalies. 

Jameis Winston has 87 turnovers and 68 interceptions since entering the league in 2015. No other quarterback has lost the ball that many times in the same period. Scepticism intensified over Winston after he was picked off five times on Sunday.

There’s no doubt that contributed to the loss, but it doesn’t change how Arians sees his signal-caller.


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“No. I look at the reasons why. What happened?” Arians said, per ESPN. “If it happens again, yeah, it’ll concern the hell out of me.”

It’s worth noting that Arians is only 6 games in to his return from retirement. He is renowned for getting the best out of his quarterbacks. So, if he can get it right with Winston and the Bucs, it should turn around as he believes it will.

However, the NFL is unforgiving, and Tampa Bay is 2  – 4 on the season. The Bucs will have to regroup during this week’s bye.

“I think when you get hit — I don’t care if you’re Tom Brady — when you get hit early in games, it’s different,” Arians said. 

“And we got him hit early in the game, excluding the first play. We got him hit too much early in the game.”


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Arians may have a point there. Before their loss to the Panthers, Winston had only thrown two interceptions in four games.

“I think just him playing better, the guys around him playing better, coaching better — the whole thing,” Arians said. “I think as we continue to grow together, I think it will get better and these games will be one in a million and not one every five.”

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