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Jason Garrett Brings A Lot to The Table – Jerry Jones

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has come out in defence of his ten-year head coach Jason Garrett.

It’s a fire that needs putting out following the Cowboys’ recent poor form. Jason Garrett has lead Dallas to three consecutive defeats.

As well as that, he is in the final year of his contract, so speculation about his job security has intensified. 

It’s a far cry from the start of the season, when everyone fell in love with the Cowboys who went 3 – 0 against the Giants, the Redskins and the Dolphins. 


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Since, Jason Garrett and the Cowboys have fallen to 3 – 3. Defeats to the Saints, Packers and the previously winless New York Jets have changed the outlook on their season.

Jerry Jones insists he retains faith in his trusted coach, and that his performance will be reviewed at season’s end.

“I can genuinely say that is not a thought that I’m having, so it would be unfair to our fans for me to have any indication about what I might think the future is as far as head coach,” Jones said.

“Everybody is aware that we’re on the last year of his agreement. But that really just means that we can all sit down and take a look at things at the end of the year. That was the case when we had won the first three ballgames, and it’s still the case today after losing the last three.”

If the Cowboys fail to make the playoffs with the team they have this season, it would reflect poorly on Garrett. His tenure so far has only returned three playoff appearances. 


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The fact that Garrett has been there for so long, in Jones’ book, gives him more credit than just what he does this season.

“If I totally disagreed with Garrett’s philosophy, he wouldn’t be the head coach,” Jones said.

“I have felt that we have a lot invested in Jason Garrett,” Jones said. “He’s evolved into what I think is a top coach. He would be a very sought-after coach if he were out here in the open market. There are a lot of pluses there. He brings a lot to the table.”

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