SportsCenter – February 5, 2018
Minneapolis, MN - February 5, 2018 - Mall of Americas: Jeff Saturday on the set of SportsCenter at Super Bowl LII. (Photo by Wayne Davis / ESPN Images)

Jeff Saturday: We’re Going To Continue To Battle

Interim Indianapolis Colts head coach Jeff Saturday would love to make his role permanent, but he has to win first.

Jeff Saturday, an ESPN analyst at the time, was hired by owner Jim Irsay to take over from the fired Frank Reich. 

Jeff Saturday is 1-3 as Colts head coach so far, his latest defeat a 25-point drubbing to the Dallas Cowboys.

In mitigation to Saturday, he’s not working with a coaching staff worth shouting about.


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Frank Reich was their offensive playcaller, and offensive coordinator Marcus Brady was fired two weeks before him. Recently, TE coach Klayton Adams left to coach offensive linemen at Stanford.

“I plan on interviewing,” Saturday said. “As long as they give me the interview, I’m in. I enjoy the heck out of this and have had a lot of fun doing it. Again, I’m not discouraged at all. I have a vision of what this could look like in the future and plan to work that way. That’s what I do every day — work toward that goal, understanding what that could look like.”

“I know I’m not the most popular guy in the room right now,” he said. “This has been fantastic. It’s been crazy for me because I’ve gone from being in the media to not paying any attention purposely, because I know. I’m sure not everything written about us or me is positive. I’m good with that. I kind of knew what I was signing up for.


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If his results are unconvincing, his manner is equally so. Saturday isn’t talking like a bona fide head coach. He keeps mentioning how much fun he’s had and what a wonderful time he’s having, as if he won a day as a head coach in a competition.

“But I’ve loved this. I’ve had a great time. I love the unity in the locker room. I love the staff and working with guys and the strategy that goes into this. This has been a lot of fun. [Wins] make things a lot more fun, but that’s where we have to get to.”

Saturday may be having fun, but Colts fans aren’t.

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