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Jerry Jacobs Ready For ‘Shock’ Chiefs Scalp

Detroit Lions cornerback Jerry Jacobs says the team is ready for the increased expectations the 2023 season will bring.

Detroit’s eight-win second half of 2022 raised their profile such that they face the Chiefs in next season’s opener. Jerry Jacobs says the Lions are ready to prove how competitive they are in prime time.

One reason why is quarterback Jared Goff; who Jerry Jacobs says is about to ‘prove everybody wrong’.


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“It’s time to show what Detroit is made of,” Jacobs said. 

“When we knew we were playing them in the season opener, Dan Campbell came in and said, ‘They want us to lose, so what are we going to do?’ … We almost went to the playoffs and they just won the Super Bowl, so they’re trying to see if we’re really like that. We’re ready, I know we’re ready. Every time I hear we’re playing the season opener against the Super Bowl team, we’re ready to go out there and play ball and shock the world.”


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“Jared Goff is the best quarterback, he’s really top five in the NFC if you want to be honest if you pull the stat stuff and all that,” Jacobs said. 

“I’m gonna be honest, I’ve played against a lot of quarterbacks. Aaron Rodgers would be in my top five, but Jared Goff’s up there. Everybody sleeps on my dog and I love how he take it in, like he don’t be cocky or nothing like that. He just soak it in and play ball to this game, that type of reaction. He’s a great quarterback and I can’t wait for him to you know, go out and prove everybody wrong.”

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