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Joe Milton Excited To ‘Compete’ With Patriots QBs

Joe Milton says there’s no chance of him changing his positions despite joining a crowded New England Patriots quarterback room.

The Tennessee product had to wait until the sixth round to hear his name called in the NFL draft. He was the second quarterback to be taken by New England after Drake Maye.

Maye is considered by some to be a franchise quarterback. The two draftees join Bailey Zappe, Jacoby Brissett and Nathan Rourke in the depth chart.

Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo says competition was at the heart of their quarterback recruitment strategy.


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“Yeah, we’ll have to see how that plays out once we put the pads on, but we drafted him as a quarterback,” Mayo said

“We’re in the business of trying to get good football players through the door, and Milton happens to be one of them. Obviously he understands we took a quarterback at 3 in Drake (Maye).

“One thing that we preach is competition. Everything is about competition, and nothing is given. All of it’s earned. That’s how we thought about the process.”

The danger for Milton is that he finds himself stuck behind a quarterback the same age as him.

“It’s just an opportunity. I feel like everywhere you go, no matter what quarterback got selected in this draft, no matter where you go, you’re going to have to compete,” Joe Milton said.


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“Nothing is just given to you, no matter who you are. So, no matter where you go, you’re just going to have to compete, so that is what I am looking forward to doing.

You just never know where you will end up, so I was just waiting on any phone call,” he said.

“It’s a wonderful moment. I am pretty much speechless at this point, I’m kind of fumbling over myself, so I am kind of speechless at this point. But you know, I am blessed by the best. I’m happy about this moment.”


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