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Jonathan Gannon Pledges To Make Cardinals ‘Adaptable & Explosive’

After a stint as Eagles DC that ended at Super Bowl 57, Jonathan Gannon takes over as Cardinals head coach.

Jonathan Gannon believes one key to success is already in Arizona – quarterback Kyler Murray. The Kliff Kingsbury and Steve Keim head coach/GM paradigm did not get the best out of Murray.

However, he’s a potentially winning quarterback, and Jonathan Gannon says his defensive background will help Murray prepare for games.


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“Obviously played against Kyler this year, and it was a unique game plan to put together because of his skillset. I use the term ‘he’s a problem’ to defend because of what he can do,” Gannon said. 

“He’s a legit problem for defenses. He has a very unique skillset. That’s what I’m looking forward to working with him and showing him, ‘Hey, this is how defenses are going to try to stop you, and here’s what you need to be ready for.’ These are the things that we’re going to do with him that’s gonna help him move all the way up and down the field and score a bunch of points, and be explosive and protect the football.

” I have a very specific vision of how I want to play on offense and the person that comes in here to run the offense is gonna understand that everything that we do will be structured around the quarterback position to maximize his skillset and we have an elite one. We also have some elite players at different positions already on the roster that I am very excited to work with and that’s what we’re going to do.”


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“But just as an overall general philosophy of being adaptable, we’re going to maximize Kyler’s skillset. We’re going to be adaptable. We’re going to generate explosives. We’re going to protect the football and be situationally smart and we know that when you hear me talk about explosives and takeaways, we know those are winning stats and that’s all three phases: Offense, defense, special teams. 

“That’s what we will preach and that’s what we’re going to practice and that’s what the players will be educated on and that’s how we’re going to play. So if you do those things, you’ll be in the playoffs.”

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