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Lakers Need To Play Like Underdogs – Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers are making a worrying habit of losing to depleted teams this season as their erratic form continues.

Recently, they’ve lost to a Clippers team shorn of Kawhi Leonard and a Sacramento team missing Barnes and Holmes. 

The Lakers repeated the trick on Thursday, squandering a lead against the Memphis Grizzlies who were without Morant and Brooks.

Anthony Davis says the Lakers need to start approaching games like the underdogs because in many ways, they are.


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“These guys already feel like they’re the underdogs when they’re coming in, especially when they’re without their star players,” Davis said.

“And we got to play like we’re the underdogs. Which, now, at this point of the season, the way we’re playing, a lot of games, we probably are.

“I think when their star players are out, we have to lock in even more because these guys have no conscience,” Davis said. “They want to come in and beat the Lakers, beat LeBron, beat AD, beat whoever, beat Melo. Like, they want to say, ‘I gave the Lakers 30, 25, whatever.’”

“Our turnovers went way up, we didn’t rebound the basketball, we were slow to every loose ball, and there was just too much of a casualness to our approach after we got that early lead,” coach Frank Vogel said. “It wasn’t even a huge lead, but we just, we got casual.”


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“Obviously it’s been challenging,” James said after the game. “Inconsistent lineups and minutes that you’re logging with certain guys. Whenever you’re on the floor with whoever you’re on the floor with, you got to try to be in the plus and do what the guy before was able to do. If he was able to build a lead, or if he was not playing well you try to pick him up. But it’s been challenging for sure.”

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