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Lamar Jackson: I Don’t Feel I’ve Done Enough

Lamar Jackson feels he hasn’t done enough to start, despite helping the Ravens to a win over Oakland on Sunday.

Lamar Jackson started at quarterback as the Baltimore Ravens beat the Oakland Raiders 34 – 17 on NFL Sunday. It was his second consecutive start filling in for the injured Joe Flacco.

After being criticized for running too much last week, Lamar Jackson promised that the NFL would see his passing prowess.

His passing against Oakland was far from the elite level, although he did set a league and Ravens season record.


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In his first two NFL starts, Jackson has rushed for 190 yards. This is the most for a quarterback’s first two starts in the Super Bowl era. As well as that, he threw the Raven’s longest pass of the current season. The pass was a 74 yard throw to tight end Mark Andrews.

However, he was intercepted twice, and went 14 of 25 on his passing.

When asked if he should start in place of a fit Joe Flacco, he said “I don’t feel I’ve done enough.”

“He’s got a winning spirit,” wide receiver Michael Crabtree said.

“Everything he does, he does well. He practices hard, you can’t beat that. He’s only going up from here. I am just a witness and a receiver, at his disposal.”


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Jackson admits that he was annoyed at his lack of passing efficiency.

“I was ticked off. I was like, ‘Man, we have to throw some more. You all have to let me make up for that and get the ball to those guys,'” Jackson said. “And I felt like I missed open passes that I should have hit.”

Ravens coach John Harbaugh says that the criticism he received was probably playing on Jackson’s mind.

“It’s probably part of it,” Harbaugh said. “It shouldn’t have to be, because I think he has proven himself in college and all that kind of stuff. Just because you can run really well doesn’t mean you can’t throw. It probably is an added layer for him, I would say. That’s the best way I could say it. But, if anyone can handle it, he can. He just has a great mindset for that kind of thing. I’m not worried about it at all that way.”

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