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LeBron James: Lakers Have a Long Way to Go

LeBron James says he is excited to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. Although, he is being realistic about the expectations on the team for this season.

Obviously, signing LeBron James is a statement. You don’t sign a player like LeBron James if you’re not serious. You sign him if your goal is to win the NBA playoffs.

Pictured for the first time in a Lakers uniform at their media day, LeBron spoke about his move to LA.

“The excitement around the game for me in general, no matter what uniform I’m in — I’m just always humbled that I’m able to play the game at this level,” he said.


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“I think we all know, and it can speak for itself, that this has been a historic franchise in this league for years. We don’t even have to talk about the years they won championships, talk about the players that have come through this franchise, worn this uniform. That’s excitement in its own right. And then it’s just always humbling for me any time I get an opportunity to be a part of something special … I’m happy to be in this point today.”

The Lakers haven’t won the championship since 2010, or made the playoffs since 2013. For a franchise with 16 titles, this is underachievement. The Lakers hope that adding James will help them bridge the gap. After all, he has brought success every time he’s joined a

team, with the Cavaliers, Heat and the Cavaliers again.

However, James doesn’t think that it’s as simple as that this time around.

“We have a long way to go to get to Golden State,” he said.


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His teammates are clearly inspired by his arrival, though. Javale McGee says that LeBron has already raised the intensity inside the Lakers camp.

“When he walks into the gym, it’s just a different feeling. You know you’ve got to meet his energy and bring your best. This will not only help us develop as a team, but will help us win games. He’s all business. That was pretty apparent right away.”

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