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Mac Jones ‘Doing Everything He Can’ To Win

Mac Jones lets his frustration show on the field, but it isn’t a problem according to offensive line coach Matt Patricia.

Patricia was the subject of the New England Patriots quarterback’s ire two weeks ago. Mac Jones was again in expletive-spouting form during Monday’s 27-13 victory over the Cardinals.

Far from taking it personally, Patricia appreciates how much Mac Jones wants to win. “This is a super passionate game, right? We love this game. We put a lot into it. We’re working hard. We care. We’re trying to win, so I love all that,” Patricia said.


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“All of it is — you just care. You really care. Mac and I — I know he wants to win and he’s doing everything he can just like we all are. So that stuff’s great.”

“I think football is an emotional sport. I like to show my passion on the field,” Jones said.

“We’re out there to win and do everything we can to win. Sometimes we’ve just gotta put together a better performance. A lot of that is just the leadership that comes from getting the guys to play and doing a good job of working together. And just trying to create longer drives and score more points. At the end of the day, it’s an emotional game. You want to be able to show emotion and not let it affect your play.”


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“It’s football, right? It’s part of the game,” Jones said. “We’re all out there competing and we’re trying to win and make things work. So you’ve gotta work through all the problems and solutions. That’s how’s the course of the game works. There’s good plays, bad plays, there’s how do we fix it, and we move onto the next drive. So that’s how every game goes at every level.”

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