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Mac Jones ‘Excited’ To Move On From Frustrating 2022

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones is confident the frustration of 2022 won’t bleed into the 2023 season.

The Patriots’ 8-9 season featured a spate of failed conversions. After a promising rookie year, Mac Jones led an offense that finished 26th in total offense. As well as that, New England was 27th in third-down conversion rate.

To address this, Bill Belichick has brought former offensive coordinator Bill O’ Brien back. Mac Jones says the change is already paying off.


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“I think the biggest thing that we’ve all talked about is just having a fresh start,” he said. 

“I think there’s a lot of learning experiences from last year that we’ve talked about and this year, it’s all about just working together, right? You’ve got to come up with a plan, obviously talk about it, and then execute it. So, I’m excited for that part of it. 

“For me, I’m just trying to be really consistent, try not to ride the wave, just stay my course and hopefully, everybody on our offense feels that, too. I think Coach O’Brien does a great job laying out what we do well so far, and we’re going to learn every day what we do well and then from there, you just keep moving forward and execute the plan. So, I’m definitely excited for that.


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“I think he’s done a great job,” Jones said of Belichick.

“I think at the end of the day, he does a great job explaining defenses and all those things that can help a quarterback, especially in the red zone because it’s a little bit tighter down there. But, yeah, I think (O’Brien) does a great job, as well, just explaining everything, and (assistant quarterbacks coach) Evan (Rothstein), so it’s kind of those three guys that you can lean on.

“Obviously the players, too, right? You can ask the players questions, and I think it’s great that our defense is really good. It makes it hard. It’s going to be a great camp because we’re going to go back and forth, hopefully, and just battle with each other.”

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