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Jordan Love ‘Has Complete Command Of Our Offense’

Jordan Love will be given roughly half a season to prove he can be the Green Bay Packers’ franchise quarterback.

That’s according to president Mark Murphy, who spoke about Jordan Love on Monday. As with everything about Jordan Love this year, the benchmark is Aaron Rodgers.

When Aaron Rodgers first became a starter in 2008, the Packers went 6 – 10. “I’m comparing it a little bit to Aaron’s first year as a starter, yeah, I’d say at least half a season to know (whether Love is the franchise QB),” Murphy said. 


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“And I think even though we ended up with a losing record that year, but we saw enough of Aaron to know that we had something special.”

If Love has only nine games to prove himself, he’ll want to see as many preseason reps as possible. That’s an issue head coach Matt LaFleur and general manager Brian Gutekunst diverge on slightly. LaFleur wants to see him as much as possible, while Gutekunst wants to protect him from injury.

“There’s a lot of things I’d like to see out of him,” LaFleur said. “It’s more or less just the process of becoming better each and every day and the command that he has. Certainly, you want to give him every opportunity.

“You can’t give him enough reps. Just making those incremental improvements and becoming more consistent on a daily basis. I’m really excited. He definitely has complete command of our offense. There’s no doubt about it. He’s put the work in, he knows the ins and outs. Now it’s going to apply that in a real situation.”


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“It’s a little bit of that double-edged thing,” Gutekunst said. “You’d like to see him play a lot if you can promise me that we can protect him and keep him healthy. I think that will be something Matt, as he goes through it, it’s a feel thing for what he feels he needs.

“So, yeah, I go back and forth, and there’s part of me with all these young players — not just Jordan — that you want to see them play a lot. Then there’s times you want to bubble wrap them and get to the first game and figure it out.”

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