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Manfred Shifting Towards Legal Sports Betting

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been the most vocal proponent of legal sports betting. Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has been opposed, but looks to be changing his tune. Featured on ESPN’s Mike & Mike radio show Monday morning, Manfred said baseball is discussing the matter with owners.

“Adam has done a nice job of making people aware that the landscape on sports gambling is changing around us,” he said. “And in part in response to his comments but in response to just general developments in the area, we’ve begun a conversation with the owners. It’s educational at the begging, in the sense in that sports gambling has changed a lot. I mean, you know the old division of betting illegally with a bookie somewhere is not today’s world.”

Manfred said he is looking to see what has been done elsewhere.

“We’ve begun a conversation educating people about what’s out there, what sports leagues in other countries have done, in an effort to make sure Major League Baseball is ready to join in what I think is going to be a dialogue about how sports gambling regulation in the United States should be changed,” he said.

Manfred said he was open to the idea of a MLB team in Las Vegas.

With Manfred and the NFL’s Roger Goodell softening their stance, legal sports betting could happen in the near future. The leagues have been forced to admit they know there is plenty of betting on their games right now. Silver has already spoken out in favor of legal betting.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said the subject of sports betting should be looked at more closely. Canada already has its Pro Line betting game that includes hockey games. The NHL says it’s opposed, but has done nothing to stop it from happening.



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