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March Madness: Michigan State’s Got This One Locked Up


Image courtesy of NBC Universal via YouTube

On Tuesday’s “Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon continued his tradition of predicting the outcome of major sporting events using the cutest method ever devised. That method, of course, being puppies.

That’s not to say it’s the most accurate method—although, according to Buzzfeed, they’ve been solid. As of late 2013, the puppies were 60 percent on their predictions overall, and 100 percent accurate when they had just two choices.

This time they had to choose between No. 1 seeds Kentucky, Wisconsin and Duke, and potential Cinderella Michigan State, a No. 7 seed.

The undefeated Wildcats have been the favorite…for years. Say what you will about the one-and-done system John Calipari utilizes in Kentucky, but it seems to be working. At least well enough to get them to the Final Four on the regular.

That being said, it looks like the Wildcats are going to come up just short again this season, as they did against UConn last year. Sorry, Kentucky! Looks like that undefeated season isn’t going to happen. The puppies have spoken!

Sparty on.

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