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March Madness Sweet 16 Preview

It’s been three LONG days since the Gamecocks rubbed out the Blue Devils! Don’t worry, we’ll get through this together because we’ve put together a March Madness Sweet 16 Preview, a quickie look-ahead article to get you through the calm between the storms of the first two rounds and the Sweet 16.

Relax. Breathe.

Our March Madness Sweet 16 Preview

Wisconsin vs. Florida (-1.5)

In this Big 10 heavyweight matchup, Florida will be able to do what Nova couldn’t do. With only 40% of wagers, the spread for Florida continues to slowly creep higher.

The Sharp Money: Florida -1.5

Baylor (-3.5) vs. South Carolina

Baylor and their eye-blinding jerseys say the clock just struck midnight for South Carolina’s Cinderella run. The public is on the same side as the sharp money here, this could be a rare case of Las Vegas being vulnerable.

The Sharp Money: Baylor -3.5

Kansas (-4) vs. Purdue

Hey Purdue, good luck with the Jayhawks: Frank Mason and Josh Jackson might be unstoppable. That said, this could be a tighter game than most expect.

The Sharp Money: Kansas -4

Michigan (-1) vs. Oregon

I don’t know if I’m just a huge homer or if the Wolverines seem to have destiny on their side … or both … but I like Michigan to keep the magic going.

The Sharp Money: Michigan -1

Gonzaga (-3) vs. West Virginia

The Mountaineers have what it takes to do what Northwestern (and the refs) couldn’t… take down Gonzaga.

The Sharp Money: West Virginia +3

Xavier vs. Arizona (-7)

Xavier is super dangerous and if they keep playing like this they may just find themselves in the Final Four. My guess is that they won’t, and they’ll find themselves in the same place as 99.9999% of Americans during the Final Four.

The Sharp Money: Arizona -7

North Carolina (-7.5) vs. Butler

Big comeback in the final minutes could be what the Tarheels needed to take their chemistry to the next level. Butler will play the Tarheels tough, but I expect North Carolina to weather the storm, maybe even dominate.

The Sharp Money: North Carolina -7.5

UCLA (-1) vs. Kentucky

The Wildcats will need more than defense to beat UCLA. They need better efforts from their starters. Also, the words “Ball” and “brothers” should never be used in the same sentence.

The Sharp Money: UCLA -1

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By Chris Sharp, Certified 12-Time Veteran of Las Vegas March Madness and Sports Wagering

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