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Mark Davis Calls For Washington Football Team Report

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis has called for the NFL investigation into Washington to be made public.

The only owner to do so, Mark Davis says there ought to be a written report on the workplace misconduct.

“Probably, yeah,” he said in New York. “I think that there should be, yeah. Especially with some of the things that were, I guess, charged. Yeah, I believe so, I think people deserve [a written report], especially people that were, quote, victims.

“We’re Raiders,” Davis said. “We’re used to this and that’s what our life is about. But it is disappointing.”


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Mark Davis indicated that the Raiders would have taken action regarding the head coach position had the scandal come to light earlier.

“The fact that they may have known about it a couple of months beforehand and didn’t let us know,” he said.

“I believe that if we had gotten the information earlier in the summer, when [the NFL] learned about it, it would have been a lot easier for everyone involved. … Then we could have done something before the season, rather than in the middle of the season.”


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“I wanted to do due diligence,” Davis said. “I didn’t want to rush to judgement on Jon. So we went through the process. We talked to a lot of the alumni, we talked to a lot of players. We talked to a lot of people that were involved in the situation and came to the decision.

“He’s hurt,” Davis said of Gruden. “He’s really hurt, and I understand that. But he understands the ramifications of what he said.

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